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A managing director Kei Nakategawa.


The main service contents

I’m migrating to a variety and am developing service in corporation BANGLA-PARTNERS.

  • Plan and suggestion of business solution service
  • Consultation about market research and a sales promotion
  • Advance support to Bangladesh
  • Business agreement (business partner search in Japan and Bangladesh)
  • Procedure about local subsidiary establishment and all kinds’ license application registration support
  • Local staff adoption support
  • Planning and attending of local inspection travel
  • Export/import transaction support
  • Real estate consultation
  • Bill at the site, taxation business, other systems and consultation about judicial affairs
  • Skill student apprentice seeing and acceptance support
  • Bangladeshi information sending


Company’s outline

A company name : A corporation BANGLA-PARTNERS.
English company’s name : Bangla-partners Co. Ltd.
A managing director : Kei Nakategawa.
3-Chome, Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo of location 9 Third Bill Tanaka, the 2nd floor.
TEL 03-5809-1925
FAX 03-6240-9471
Establishing December 11, 2017.